Build Stronger Connections.

Bring Your Community Closer (GBCI Communities)

We realize the need for specific integrated portals designed to meet the needs of your community utilizing new standards in technology.  Our extensive experience working with clients to provide easy-to-navigate, customized portals makes us the leader in a personalized experience specific to you and your industry.  Stay connected and communicate in new ways with your community.


Bring Your Employees Closer (GBCI Organizations)

Key to any business is your communication with employees.  We have designed our employee portal to provide new ways to interact and keep your employees connected.  A one-stop shop with connections to all the important documents, websites, training, events, and news specific to them.  Communication and interaction in a clean and easy-to-use format.


Bring Your Marketing Efforts Closer (GBCI Connections)

Continuing to stay relevant and top of mind for your prospective customers is key to sales and marketing success. Imagine a new way to stay connected with your prospects beyond the phone call and email.  Our prospect portal is designed to provide the tools you need to interact with your customers and their families in direct and meaningful ways while helping them to see the value you bring to the sales process. 

Our Portals Are Perfect For The Following Verticals:

Senior Living Communities - Develop new and exciting ways to connect with your residents, employees, and marketing efforts through the portals we have designed specific to the senior living industry.  We have worked directly with multiple independent living communities around the country and our experience has led to best in industry results.  See our work for yourself.

Private School Systems - Connect your teachers and staff to student families utilizing a personalized and secure portal.  Give teaches the ability to share immediate information and news with families through classroom specific pages in a structured environment designed for you. 

Daycare and Childcare Providers - Provide day to day updates to families through a secure portal including information from teachers and staff.  Allows you to update with photos, videos, and key messages bringing the family closer to your business.  

Religious Congregations - Bring your congregation closer with a portal designed to share news, activities, events, and much more.   

Property Management and Homeowners Associations -  It can be a challenge to keep your residents up to date on current events and key projects for your community.  Our portal has been designed to provide an easy-to-use, secure method to deliver content and bring your community closer together on key initiatives.