GBC Interactive provides the highest level of performance and security on the internet today. Our servers are optimized for higher performance and will be up and running 99.99% guaranteed. Our team is experienced in not only managing your web services, but we can also help you get your domain secured and pointed in the right direction. Our hosting packages start as low as $49 Per Month...


GBC Interactive Hosting Benefits: 

  • We Are Human - We Customize Your Hosting Based On Your Business Needs
  • We Keep An Eye Out - 24/7 Real Time Monitoring
  • Just Enough To Keep The Prices Affordable - Limited Sharing Of Server Resources
  • Getting Sick Sucks - We Make Sure Viruses Are Kept To A Minimum Around Here
  • We Understand The Techie Stuff - So You Don't Have To

GBC Interactive Hosting Details:

  • Coordination & set up for hosting services.*
  • Support for initial setup.
  • Linux Based Server
  • Dual Core Processor / 4GB Ram
  • Management of Server Software To Ensure Security
  • Automatic Updating of Software and Applications**
  • Nightly Backups - Archive of 3 Nights

*GBC must have access to the domain control panel to direct client domain to the proper services.

**Website Software Updates Are Not Included In Hosting Contract. (i.e…Wordpress Software and Plug-Ins)

Note: Email Services are not included in the website hosting fees.