Good Brand Company & GBC Interactive Update

2016 was a great year for our organization and we look to continue our growth into 2017.  As you know, we created GBC Interactive to build off our success as a traditional marketing firm and expand to all things interactive.  

This change has given us new resources we haven't had in the past and the ability to focus on the needs of our clients in new and exciting ways.  We have the branding and marketing experience coupled with the highest level of technology expertise in the industry. 

Our work has already led to amazing new software products and online portals along with new and exciting website design and development.  

Our next step in this continued evolution is to build out a self serve model for our customers through the GBCI Factory.  This innovative and exciting approach to technology/marketing allows our clients the ability to pick and choose from a menu of specialized items to meet their needs.  No one size fits all.  Just pick what you need from specialized experts and let us do the heavy lifting.  

It's an exciting time for GBC and GBC Interactive.  Contact us today and see how we can help you grow your business in 2017.

A Commitment to Staying Connected

As many of you know, last week was National Assisted Living Week and the theme for this year was "Keep Connected".  The idea behind the theme is to celebrate all the ways communities stay connected through technology.

We applaud all of you who are using technology throughout your communities to the betterment of your residents and staff.  We want to hear how your community celebrated the week and invite you to share your stories of how you are using technology to grow and succeed.  

We work with some of the largest Life Plan Communities across the country to deliver state of the art resident and marketing portals for their communities all without the high cost usually associated with such work.  If you would like to learn more about our services and products please feel free to reach out here or send me a message through LinkedIn.  


Social Media's Impact on Loneliness and Illness

I read a very interesting article this week highlighting social media use and seniors (Source here).  Some key takeaways show just how important utilization of technology within communities can be for their residents:

"older adults rated their health better and had fewer depressive symptoms when they used social technology"
"using the websites and apps also had fewer symptoms of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure"
"72% (of seniors) reported being open to learning new technologies"
"close relationships with other people are a large determinant of physical health and well-being, and social technology has the potential to cultivate successful relationships among older adults"

We believe strongly in the need for communities to help their residents utilize technology, building their social community interaction.  Feel free to share your thoughts or reach out for a conversation to learn more about what we are doing to help communities here.

Stand out from the crowd through resident communication and interation

What are you doing to better your residents interaction and connection to the community?  We know social interaction is important and is desired by our residents.  It's also expected from prospects when they view your community.  

So how are you going beyond to usual approaches of connecting with residents and sharing information throughout the population?  Can we utilize technology to make our lives easier while enhancing the abilities of the residents?

Technology has developed to the point where we can and should invest in the infrastructure expected of our residents today and those who will be looking for a community in the near future.

This aspect of community life is at the heart of our resident portal design.  Our product was developed with the resident in mind and allows them to help share and interact socially with the community all in one area.  

Residents can and do create and run clubs - Everything from inviting others to join, posting interesting topics and materials, to sharing meeting times and locations.  It's developed for the residents and run by the residents.

News can be shared from both the staff and the residents - Your current sources of news are enhanced giving residents the ability to comment and share.  They can also submit their own ideas and have them posted to the site all from one location.

Events are easy to set up and provide the ability to RSVP -  Let's get beyond paper sign ups and notifications of upcoming events.  Create, view, track, and manage all the activities of the community from one location in an easy to understand format.

Availability - Your site is accessible from almost any device and any location with internet service. Make it easy for your residents and staff to utilize all the great features your portal has to offer.

Robust directory - Residents can not only search for other residents but they can search by any keywords they wish just like google.  Think first name, last name, interests, hometown, etc.

My point is this - We can and should move beyond our older methods of managing the interactions of residents and activities.  Those who are looking for communities today have a technology background not seen in the past.  We, as an industry, need to build on this and take advantage of the tools that are out there to better our communities.

Feel free to share your thoughts or set up a time to chat here.


Technology needs for communities and their impact

For those who were lucky enough to attend the Senior Housing News Chicago Summit they heard from a panel regarding technology in the communities and the importance of planning for the future.

Take a look at this article which highlights some key takeaways:

- Don't be afraid to spend money on technology that betters the lives of the residents

- Ensure you have the proper infrastructure to handle your technology

- Ask yourself if it is more important to prioritize spending in the right areas - example is technology over new grounds such as a fountain

- Learn about the technologies and what they offer before falling in love with something, not every technology is right for every community

- We may be behind as an industry in technology however we have the ability to catch up quickly

I love what this panel had to say for several reasons.  I believe strongly that you should take the time to learn about the products being offered and to ensure they are the right fit for your communities needs.  We focus on the residents and making their lives better in the community.  And, our products are designed with the industry in mind which means almost no required infrastructure because we handle it all for you.  Lastly, we provide our support and products for much less cost than competitors.  I'm excited to see the trends in the industry and I hope you are looking to the future for your communities and technology.

If you would like to chat about what we can bring to your community please feel free to visit the demo section of the website or simply click this link and set up a time which fits your schedule.




What marketing and sales metrics to track in Senior Living

Metrics are a key way to track success in sales.  Each step in your sales cycle is important but how do you ensure you are hitting the mark?  

Let data guide your strategy.

I read an article over at Long Term Living Magazine (link here) which does a great job of showing you just how powerful data can be for your potential resident sales.  I always think it's important to take a look at touches (contacts) in a sales cycle which is helpful to show the amount of interaction required to make a sale.  The more efficient you are with your contacts, the fewer you will need for a sale.

Take a look at these numbers from Enquire Solutions:

Are your tracking these numbers?  Are you more efficient than the average?

Are your tracking these numbers?  Are you more efficient than the average?

A great question to ask yourself is what are you doing to ensure you are getting these touches and how can you make the process easier for your sales teams?

Are you looking for ways to make your sales touches more effective?  

What tools are you using to help automate interactions with your prospects in a timely manner?

Good questions for all sales teams and worth taking the time to step back from your day to day work and really crunch the numbers.  

Feel free to share your thoughts with the community on tracking metrics and what metrics to track.

In our work with Senior Living Communities we have found the need to be contacting prospects regularly to help keep the community top of mind.  It can be a long sales cycle and anything we can do to help drive sales through easy contacts is especially valuable.  This work has led us to create a sales portal which is individualized for each prospect and provides a very easy to use method to constantly keep your community top of mind for prospects.  It also allows your prospects to have a closer interaction with the community.  

We would love to discuss further and show you the work we have done to help drive sales in communities through an affordable and immediately useful tool to add to your toolbox.

Feel free to call or email anytime.  I'm happy to chat about ideas which can be valuable for your community.


A Few good CCRC's (Life Care Communities)

We have developed a new marketing portal designed to deliver an individualized experience to your prospects which integrates them into your communities requiring very little effort on your part.  A new touch point which will continue to add value throughout your sales cycle.

This is specifically designed for the Senior Living Industry and geared toward your markets.  We are launching this product in August and already have several communities signed up however I am looking for three more who would be interested in getting in on the ground floor and helping to ensure the product meets your needs for marketing.  

I'm offering to provide the development, delivery, and training of the product to three communities for half off our normal cost.  I can also provide a discount on our resident portal as well.  The more quality communities I can get on board for launch the better the product will be for everyone involved.  We value the feedback of our clients and want to deliver a truly revolutionary product which will help drive your sales for years to come.  Help us help you become successful and meet your sales needs.

If interested in learning more about the product and to see a demo please feel free to call me direct 804-381-8664 or fill out the demo form

Senior Living Communities Making the Change in Resident Interaction

I want to start this week by thanking the communities which have joined us over the past month in their efforts to increase social interaction between residents and staff utilizing technology.  As we continue to quickly increase the size of our customer base it has become clear that communities across the country see the need to modernize their resident portals.  And not only are they working with us  on resident engagement, they are enhancing how they go to market through our marketing portal.  It's been a great month for growth and as we build, all of our clients will be able to take advantage of the exciting new features we develop.  

We have all seen the studies and the surveys which show the need to take advantage of the world we live in today with seniors expecting technology and utilizing it in their day to day interactions.  They use technology to interact with their family and friends through FaceTime and Facebook while ordering off sites such as Amazon and booking travel through Expedia. Why not add value to your current residents and showcase your technology to prospective residents?  They expect it and want it in their community.

I would love to hear from you on your thoughts around technology in communities and how you are helping to bring social interaction to your residents and potential residents.  I believe strongly that those looking to move in today's environment expect to see modern technology being used in the community.  

What do you think?  How can we as an industry improve our interaction with residents and help them engage with the community?  

Please share your thoughts on LinkedIn and if you would like to talk with us directly you can fill out the following form here and we will reach out to chat.